How to place Mediabids tracking code*:

Integration of your tracking code is easy!**

Please follow these three simple steps and youíll be done in no time!

*Please note: Integrating tracking code into your website is of a technical nature. If you are unfamiliar with updating and managing the source HTML code of your website, please ask your web admin or tech department for assistance. They will best be suited to assist you in making the necessary changes specific to your website.

  1. Step one: Get Your Tracking Code:
    1. Log into your Mediabids Account
    2. Navigate to your placement management page
    3. Copy the tracking code for the banner you wish to place:

  2. Step Two: Place Your Tracking Code
    1. Go to the source code for your web page.
    2. Locate where you want the banner to be placed.
    3. Paste the tracking code into the HTML source:

  3. Step Three: Test Your Work:
    1. Open a browser
    2. Load the page you edited
    3. See the banner ad load on your webpage.

**These directions are designed to be general guidelines in placing your tracking code. They should work in most cases. However, every website is a little different and there are times when your process for integrating the code will be different. Please consult your web admin or tech group should you need help outside of the directions above.


  1. Do I need to use your provided HTML?
    No! We provide the tracking HTML as a service to our customers and have tried to keep it as clean and straight-forward as possible. But there are some circumstances when even this HTML presents a problem. In these cases you can feel free to strip down or modify the given HTML. We require only two things:

    1. The banner image itself remains hosted on our server. You may NOT re-host the banner image on your own server or integrate the banner image itself into other images not hosted on our servers.
    2. The final link remains as provided within the code, pointing to our servers. Having the banner link stop at a proprietary ad is not a problem as long as the final URL terminates on our server so that we can redirect to the appropriate advertiser URL.

  2. Do I need to upload the ad graphic?
    No! All banner ad graphics are hosted on our servers. Thereís no need for you to upload graphics or use your system resources for the graphics. Your website simply points to ours and we serve up the needed ad graphics.